2024 Competition Categories

Every month, our members are invited to submit images and videos falling into the following categories. The competition rules and guidelines explain more about our friendly competition.

MonthCategoryDescriptionBonus Challenge
JanuaryBest of the DecadeBest photo from the past decade: 2013 – 2023Local to Southern CA
FebruaryTwo of a KindTwo of the same type of subject as main focus; can be animal or structureColor Red prominent in composition
MarchThe Eyes of MarchEye or eyes as main subject in compositionSubject with a shadow
AprilPattern/TextureComposition that shows repeating patterns or texturesFish as subject(s)
MaySilhouettedThe subject should be backlit, so as to be solid black. Usually an ambient shot, but could be created with a torch/strobe.Bubbles
JuneBlack & WhiteBlack & White/Greyscale compositionLocal to San Diego
JulySunbeams on my ShouldersSunbeams highly visible in compositionPatriotic theme; U.S Flag or Red, White, and Blue colors
AugustMacro/Close-UpImages and videos with a close-up of the subject(s)Footage taken within one month of comp entry deadline
SeptemberWide AngleAny wide angle including Close Focus Wide AngleDiver in background (diver should not be main subject)
OctoberCrazy for CephalopodsOctopus, squid, cuttlefish, or nautilusMotion Blur (Main part of subject in focus, background blurred)
NovemberPhotoshoppedCreative editing/manipulation of footage using digital programs such as Photoshop, etc.; no restrictionsColor Red prominent in composition